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I’m Done with Lagos Traffic! FleetPartners New Staff Shuttle Boat is Here!!

We provide high standard, state of the art boats and ferries for corporate staff shuttling Lagos Mainland to Lagos Island Mondays to Fridays.

Our boats are very comfortable and we comply strictly to the laid out HSE regulations.

  1. Averts Lagos’ unavoidable rush hour road traffic
  2. Very comfortable and amazing cruise experience
  3. High safety standards
  4. Professional and experienced crew
  5. Entirely seamless and stress-free process
  6. Each trip is allocated to your company’s staff only, we do not combine two or more clients in one trip
  7. Cost effective: It fits smoothly into your monthly budget
  8. Highly organized ticketing and boarding system. Trips are scheduled according to clients requests.
  9. We also provide the option of a shuttle bus that picks your staff from the boat station and brings them directly to your office gate.


We are Hiring!


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