About Us

FleetPartners is a transport networking platform that drives efficient and cost-effective transport solutions to corporate markets across Africa. We aggregate vehicle owners, drivers, workshops, corporate and retail commuters through our peer-to-peer long and short term vehicle rentals and fleet management framework.

FleetPartners is the leading peer-to-peer vehicle rental in Nigeria. This has helped our clients to increase productivity by focusing on their core business and free out cash that would ordinarily be used for the acquisition of assets, allowing them to rely on our efficient transport system.

FleetPartners is bringing innovation into vehicle rental and car sharing by creating an online and mobile platform where request for specific vehicles can be made and booked real-time from a pool of listed vehicles owned by our asset partners and car sharing partners.



We provide ,

  • Corporate Transport: car sharing and car rental services
  • Vehicle Leasing
  • Fleet Management
  • Fleet Technology

Corporate Transport: FleetPartners provides vehicles to clients ,with very flexible payment plan. We cater for the needs of our clients who need vehicle for just some hours, and avail them the opportunity to pay hourly rates. This type of corporate transport service is called coporate car sharing.

We also cater for clients who need the vehicle for a full day (which is usually 10 hours) , this type of corporate transport is called car rental.

Vehicle Leasing:FleetPartners provide car leasing service to clients. It could either be long or short lease. Our lease services is for request spanning from 30days to 5 years period.

Fleet Management:We render fleet management services to clients on request.

We take care of all fleet related issues, leaving the client to only worry about his core business. Our fleet management service includes but is not limited to:

  • Driver Management
  • Fueling
  • Insurance
  • Tracking

FleetPartners Leasing is Nigeria’s Best Leasing Company as recorded by the Global Banking and Finance Review Awards, 2015. With a main focus on asset leasing, management and fleet technology, FleetPartners is established to provide unequaled professional services to all fleet operating industries across Africa.

Also winner of the Global Quality Excellence Awards for Global Most Innovative Quality Vehicle Leasing & Fleet Management Company 2015, we go beyond providing you assets. We manage them professionally and efficiently; letting to you at the most convenient means of payment through uniquely designed leasing solutions.

Our unique advantage in cutting edge fleet management technologies (software & hardware) has earned us great successes as we combine our expertise, experience and professionalism to effectively and efficiently manage assets and vehicles for clients so that they can focus on their core businesses.

Simply put, we are your fleet partners.