Fleet Management Outsourcing

tranman v2Fleet management is, quite simply, the management of a company’s vehicle fleet. Managing a fleet of vehicles in-house is becoming an increasingly difficult task. From dealing with legal regulations and safety issues to driver and vehicle management, the sheer number of responsibilities can often be overwhelming.

Transferring these responsibilities to a dedicated provider with a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise could be a game-changing decision. Several public institutions and private companies have opted to outsource their fleet maintenance and management. Most often, the main reason for this decision is usually driven by the potential of saving money, but there are tremendous additional benefits to it. This move has the potential to transform or even revolutionize the way your company or organization manages its core business and could have a constructive effect to other departments too.

What our fleet management covers

FleetPartners provides a comprehensive outsourced fleet management solution designed to deliver more savings for your fleet and more free time for you to enhance productivity and enable you focus on your core business. With our strategic service offering, you get a dedicated team of fleet experts on hand to reduce your costs, improve driver behavior and optimize your fleet performance.

Our fleet management service avails you a one-stop convenience platform through a simple application process, fixed payments and better services. It allows you to reduce administrative work to free up your internal resources, get accurate and clear knowledge of your fleet operations, and also take advantage of the FleetPartners purchasing power for considerable cost savings. Our fleet management package takes a holistic approach, it covers:

  1. Driver sourcing, training and management
  2. Fueling and fuel management
  3. Maintenance alerts and reminders
  4. Servicing, proactive and corrective maintenance
  5. Vehicle Tracking and monitoring
  6. Insurance
  7. Response time management
  8. Documentation: Vehicle documents and licensing Regular and detailed reports of your fleet
  9. Short term relief vehicles (stop-gap vehicles)
  10. Accident management
  11. Fleet management software/Client portal.

Why you should outsource your fleet management to us

The key benefits of outsourcing your fleet management to us are most evident in your cost savings, the operational areas of your fleet, including reduced administration and the added value that we can deliver through our account management, driver services, client dedicated fleet management software and online fleet reporting tools. Outsourcing benefits include:

  1. Reduction in fleet operating costs and process administration
  2. Reduction of general fleet administration (vehicle tax renewal, fines, testing reminders etc.)
  3. Zero downtime
  4. Improved driver productivity and less time spent on car related issues
  5. Dedicated account management resource with expert advice available to Fleet Managers and Drivers
  6. Removal of duplicate tasks and fees relating to fleet management and procurement
  7. Measurable, increased efficiencies (fleet safety, increased availability and reliability, greater cash flow, and enhanced productivity)
  8. Improved company focus
  9. Reduced overhead and improved human resource productivity
  10. Regular maintenance and servicing resulting in improved fleet performance
  11. Access to top-notch fleet maintenance expertise
  12. Assured adherence to national quality standards
  13. Reduced capital investment resulting in improved cash flow
  14. Ease of management and increased fleet control
  15. Reduced risk and assurance over legal, ethical requirements
  16. More accurate information and KPIs
  17. Enhanced service and user satisfaction

By entrusting the upkeep of your vehicles to FleetPartners, you save yourself time, boost efficiency and enjoy higher levels of service as a result.

We’ll keep your fleet on the road and you focused on your business.

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