Fleet Management

To save you the hassles and time of managing your vehicles, fueling, drivers, accidents, maintenance and servicing, theft or loss, FleetPartners offers you our Fleet Management service that covers all these aspects and even much more. We run and manage the entirety of your fleet while you focus on your core business.

Our fleet management service avails you a one-stop convenience platform through a simple application process, fixed payments and better services. It allows you to reduce administrative work to free up your internal resources, get accurate and clear knowledge of your fleet operations, and also take advantage of the FleetPartners purchasing power for considerable cost savings

Our fleet management package covers:

  1. Driver sourcing and management
  2. Driver training
  3. Fueling and fuel management
  4. Servicing, maintenance and repairs
  5. Vehicle Tracking
  6. Insurance
  7. Vehicle documents and licensing
  8. Regular and detailed reports of your fleet
  9. Short term relief vehicles
  10. Accident management
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