Sale & Leaseback

FleetPartners’ Sale & Leaseback option is an arrangement in which you sell your company vehicles to us and we immediately lease them back to you.

Our Sale & Leaseback program allows you to liberate the cash tied up with your existing fleet, by selling it to us. FleetPartners will then pay you for your existing fleet (valuations based on recognized industry guidelines), and then lease it back to you under an Operating Lease agreement. This means that FleetPartners will assume and manage all the residual value risks associated with your vehicles, relieving you of administration burdens and allowing you to control and manage the cost and continuity of your vehicles.


By providing maintenance, fueling, insurance, drivers and all driver-related services, we are able to improve the efficiency of the fleet and this enables our client to optimally deploy its resources.

Based on the exact need of our clients’ operations, we can always tweak any of these service models to suit your peculiar needs.

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