Driver Training

Good Driving is Good Business

Improving fleet drivers skills will reduce your costs
One of the most effective cost reduction tools is effective fleet driver training. Driver behaviour impacts both fuel economy and vehicle repair/maintenance to a tremendous degree. Fleet operators are now finding that intelligently implemented driver policies aimed at reducing poor driving behaviour can increase road safety and bring substantial savings, which ultimately benefit the bottom line. Training on economic driving and mapping out the best routes are some of the ways you can manage your fleet drivers to make the most out of the fuel.

With our Fleet Driver Training and Compliance Management, you can increase your driver’s abilities, reduce liability risks, and even save your company much money. Enrol your drivers in our valuable skill-and-safety-building courses, such as our most popular courses, Proactive Defensive Driving, Vehicle Maintenance, Distracted Driving, Accident Management, Idle Time Management, Routing and Navigation, Driving in Adverse Weather and many more. The benefits of our Fleet Driver Training Program for your fleet include:

  • Reduce accidents and other liability risks
  • Better fuel economy – Reduce fuel consumption
  • Manage fleet wear and tear
  • Increase drivers’ compliance to regulations and company policies
  • Lower Insurance Costs – Remember, as claims climb up, insurance premiums follow
  • Increase driver monitoring.
  • Increase scheduling flexibility
  • Protect and improve company reputation– Safe, considerate drivers are seen as professionals, likewise your company!
  • Improve staff moral – people appreciate any investment in them through training.
  • Reduce driver downtime

Our professionalism and experience in fleet driver training have enabled us to perfect the art of encouraging this behavioural change in fleet driving by a style of fleet driver training that is appropriate, supportive, enjoyable and above all affordable. This culture applies to everything we do, be it one-to-one practical fleet driving coaching or group driver training workshops/modules.

The end result is a substantial saving in your fleet running costs and the comfort of knowing that you’ve embarked upon a process of fleet driver training which aids compliance with company policies and fleet driving legislation. An added bonus of driver training is that your fleet drivers are more confident, more productive, more risk aware and become ambassadors for your brand whilst out on the road.

Target Group

Role players, facility managers or those individuals that perform fleet management duties as part of their daily portfolio of activities.

Aim & Objective

To improve driving skills, increase productivity, reduce risks, loss and costs; and ensure that fleet is operating at the highest level possible.
The program aims to instil positive driving behaviours and a responsible philosophy towards company policies and driving legislations.

Training Courses

Our Fleet Driver Training offers a range of fleet driver training courses and modules designed to improve fleet drivers’ skills, reduce costs and meet the needs of your fleet business.

  1. Defensive Driving
  2. Alcohol and Driving
  3. Accident Management
  4. Aggressive Driving
  5. Idle Time Management
  6. Routing and Navigation
  7. Vehicle BlindSpots
  8. Driving in Adverse Weather
  9. Driver Etiquette
  10. Grey Fleet Management
  11. Principles of Safer Driving
  12. Safe Parking
  13. Distracted Driving
  14. Crisis Management
  15. Truck Driving Safety
  16. Advanced Car Control
  17. Attitudinal Dynamics of Driving
  18. Eco-driving
  19. Driver Tiredness
  20. Child Seats and in-car Vehicle Safety
  21. Child, Pedestrian and Cyclists Safety
  22. Company Car Trends 2014
  23. TYRE Fundamentals
  24. Vehicle Maintenance
  25. Safe Driving in High Winds, Rain and Floods
  26. Driving & Potholes
  27. Traffic Rules
  28. Speed Awareness


4 days


We are flexible enough to carry out training sessions at your preferred venue. However, our standard venue is FleetPartners Leasing Ltd — 24B, Omorinre Johnson, Lekki Phase 1, Lagos.

Course Outcomes

After successful completion of this driver training program, participants should be able to:

  • Understand and comply to slated company driving policies and driving laws
  • Implement economic driving [Reduce fuel consumption]
  • Display good driver etiquette
  • Drive defensively thereby reducing risks of accidents and crisis
  • Understand traffic rules
  • Understand better routing and navigation


After successful completion of the training program, participants will receive a certificate of competence.


Every driver, whether they have recently obtained their licence or have been a road user for many years would benefit from an opportunity to improve their driving skills and knowledge especially in consonance to company policies and driving laws. The best practice techniques covered by the course not only help fleet drivers reduce their chances of being involved in a motor vehicle accident, but also serve to reduce fleet operating and maintenance costs.

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