Vehicle Tracking, Fleet Management Software & Telematics

We locate, track and monitor the condition of your vehicles in real-time, to reduce theft and loss, and increase operational efficiency.
We provide a range of tracking solutions, depending on your particular requirements. Our solutions will give you a clearly detailed view of your fleet, minimizing delays and the additional costs.

Our anti-theft Vehicle Tracking and Recovery Solutions enables you to locate, track and control your vehicle anytime, anywhere.

Fleet Operations

We set up structures and controls to run fleet operations and maximize profit, be it in finance lease, operations lease, or any other lease solution we provide. We use our innovative and professional personnel, advance technology and pool of experience to manage operations for your fleet.

Fleet Management System

Our fleet management system uses a Datacard technology, Fleet management Software and a professionally designed Structuring System.

Data card

Our Datacard collects information from the vehicles and sends them the fleet management software as well as relevant personnel which see to the running of the entire operation of the fleet. The data card covers information on:

  1. Direct fuel reading and Fuel Management
  2. Maintenance schedule and alert
  3. Residual value schedule and alert
  4. Abuse monitoring and tracking
  5. Idle time management
  6. Trip management
  7. Driver behaviour management and monitoring
  8. HSE compliance monitoring
  9. Odometer/kilometre readings
  10. Tracking and recovery

Fleet Management Software

Our fleet management software, Microfleet improves fleet productivity and provides the data needed for better, more-informed decision making. Everything from detailed fleet equipment tracking, fleet maintenance scheduling, shop and work order management, parts inventory tracking, and fuel data management are part of Microfleet management software solution.

Microfleet processes data collected from the datacard and automatically generates reports which are useful for analysis and decision making. It provides detailed reports on:

  • Asset recovery
  • Real-time and historical tracking
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Vehicle location management
  • Residual value management
  • Maintenance scheduling and management
  • Fuel management
  • Vendor management
  • Driver compliance and management
  • Process automation
  • Vehicle health monitoring
  • Idle time management
  • Automated vehicle invoicing and receipting
  • Trip management


We design and set up operational manuals, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), Fleet policies, templates, training and equipment, KPI’s to help you run your fleet.