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Our commitment to contribute to economic development is poised towards impacting the economic, social and environmental aspects of our society; this has constantly been a part of our DNA. Our citizenship mission is to serve the needs of communities and businesses around Africa and to fulfill our responsibilities to the public; contributing in genuine ways to social good and economic growth.

We are principally conscious of 1. The environment 2. Empowering SMEs and startups 3. Agriculture. We believe empowering Africa gravitates around these key aspects of the economy:

1. Agriculture

2. Infrastructure and

3. Labour

4. Education

Agriculture forms a significant part of the economies of all African countries. Our continent has enormous potentials, not only to feed itself and eliminate hunger and food insecurity, but also to be a major player in global food markets. This potential lies in its land, water and oceans, in its knowledge, huge markets and in us. Yes, us.

Recognizing these potentials FleetPartners is chiefly dedicated to taking up the task of impacting and advancing crop production and animal husbandry in specific African countries. This informed our philanthropic contribution to the Davichi FarmTech— one of the largest food crop and animal farms in Nigeria at the 2015 Farm Festival which took place at the Farm itself in Shimawa, Ogun state, Nigeria on Saturday, the 5th of December 2015.

Mr David Echegwisi, the farm owner emphasized his vision to maximize the natural potentials of the African soil to expand food production greatly. He identified one of his major challenges to be establishing an effective functional irrigation system for his farm especially during the dry season and this laid the platform for FleetPartners to come in.

As part of our corporate responsibility to Agriculture, we thence volunteered a financial contribution to the irrigation system for the Davichi FarmTech as well as a bus for transportation during the farm festival.

FleetPartners recognizes its crucial role in supporting economic growth via agriculture, infrastructure and labour. This responsibility drives our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) philosophy which is aimed at financially capacitating and engaging individuals and businesses as well as educating, training and enlightening youths and elderly. Environmental stewardship and community development contributions are major arms of our CSR mission.


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