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Best Auto Finance Solutions – Africa 2015

WinnerBestAutoFinanceSolutionsAfrica2015-smallFleetPartners Leasing wins Capital Finance International (CFI.co) award for Best Auto Finance Solutions – Africa 2015.

Uniquely designed leasing options, with integrated high-tech fleet management, and an approach that seeks to couple innovation with excellence, have propelled FleetPartners to the very apex of Nigeria’s dynamic leasing industry. In business for over seven years and expanding rapidly, FleetPartners has found and mastered a winning formula thanks to the firm’s steadfast dedication to customer satisfaction.

FleetPartners does not merely provide the assets that enables businesses to flourish; the firm also offers professional management services built around cutting-edge technology. With ultrafast response times and a highly-skilled staff of dedicated professionals, FleetPartners serves corporate clients across Africa.

FleetPartners’ well-developed corporate philosophy holds that leasing operations are not just a profit-seeking venture, but have the ability to significantly contribute towards economic development. By offering private corporations, and especially small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), a viable and cost-effective financing alternative to commercial banks, leasing companies are vitally important to the maintenance of a healthy business climate.

From its own beginnings, FleetPartners has focused on providing capital assets via leasing solutions to SMEs and start-ups alike. The approach has made FleetPartners the go-to company for a growing number of Nigerian companies aiming to hitch their wagon onto the nation’s buoyant economy.

The CFI.co judges agree that leasing is a powerful and essential tool for economic development. The judges note that an increasing number of multilateral development banks maintain programmes to provide funding to leasing companies. FleetPartners has successfully provided tangible proof for the premise that leasing empowers growth. The CFI.co judging panel is happy to extend the 2015 Best Auto Finance Solutions Africa Award to FleetPartners Leasing of Nigeria.


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